Bhoja Airline Plane Crash in Islamabad with 127 passengers

Bhoja Airline Boeing 737 with 127 passengers on board nobody survived crash, which flew from Karachi at 5:00 PM was suppose to land in Islamabad at 6:40 PM, but crashed just before touchdown due to Heavy Rain and Bad Weather Condition in Islamabad. Sources have further added that rescue teams have started moving towards the affected area where heavy rain and darkness is creating problems for the rescue teams.
According to sources in Civil Aviation Authority, the flight was given clearance to land but it lost contact with the control tower minutes before the crash reports.
Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has confirmed the reports of crash.
Rescue teams including Pakistan army personnel have rushed to the crash site.

Many officials said that its looks like a micro burst in the CB clouds resulted in the Bhoja disaster or lightining strike on Bhaja Air.

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