About PakWeather.com

About PakWeather.com

PakWeather.com  is the first and most popular website since 2000 in Pakistan related to Weather updates and information. We provide intelligent weather Information, News, Articles, Weekly updates, Live Weather images and much more for the large number of people in Pakistan and including whole World daily. All post including articles published at PakWeather.com are of beginner level with easy words and sentences, so most of our visitors/fans/friends can understand it very easily.

Way of interaction:
The real motive of PakWeather.com is to help and groom our visitors by giving them comprehensive information related to weather. PakWeather.com also interactive with people on Social networks and emails for making better PakWeather.com, people can also send and upload their Articles, Images, Videos, Ideas through PWF reporter in just few clicks.

Back to Our Past – Who we are :
Some websites claim to be Pakistan’s first weather website but they are given wrong information. Pakistan’s first website related to weather “PakWeather.com” was founded in August  2000 with the help of Webmezban.com and MotiNetwork.com, at the time launching “Aug2000” PakWeather.com is working as a  live weather search engine and updates. PakWeather.com during that (2000-2005) period became most popular weather website in Pakistan as compare to others in a very short period. In 2007-08 PakWeather.com stopped for maintenance and up-gradation and started again on April 05-2013 with added features.
Check PakWeather.com previous version from here , here and here

Screenshots of Pakweather.com in 2004 and 2005
Click to enlarge – Screenshots of PakWeather.com in 2004 & 2005 

PakWeather News Updating Cell:
Pakweather.com provides latest weather news, breaking news from our News Updating Cell. The fastest and speedy way to find Latest Weather Updates.
Editorial Team Members:
Muhammad Owais Hyder is the founder of PakWeather.com He has developed this site with dexterous skills. He has been in this field since childhood with a lot of interest.  His skills are not only limited to weather. He is also a student of electronics engineer.

Azfar Akram is the elder brother (cousin) of Owais Hyder, he is supported in web hosting, domain renewal and other online problems. He is a business man & work as a website creater, domain seller and including other internet things.  
Other team members: Mohib Raza, Ashar, Zehra,  Ibad, Fouzia and others.
Most active fans:
In Moon Category: Talha Mahmood, Sŷęđ MŭştŭFą Shąhįđ, Talha Khan, Adeel Ghaziani, Waseem Ahmed, Bilal Ahmed, Usman Jajjah, Wasif Khan, StYlo WaXeem, Mohammad Abdullah, Zainab Rizvi, Zuhaib Lighary, Muhammad Ali, Shoukat Rind, Wajahat Butt .
In Star Category: 3000+ fans.

Important notice: Pakweather.com is not a part of pmd (Pakistan Meteorological Department).

About PakWeather.com
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