23rd December Karachi HISTORY IN REVIEW

HISTORY IN REVIEW: 23rd December, 2002 Karachi: On that day a strong dust storm from NW hit Karachi at around 11 am (up to 50 kmh of winds) that caused some damages in city, then moderate rain occurred in most of city. Masroor Base had 7 and Nazimabad 4 mm of rain. It was the strongest dust storm / winds that I saw during 'Winter' in Karachi. On the same morning Turbat had 34 and Pasni 30 mm of rain. In 1994, on 24th & 25th December also Karachi had winter rains; showers (1-2 mm) on 24th and a good rain after strong NW winds on 25-Dec-1994 (4 to 7 mm).

History in Review: Karachi; 23rd December, 2007
Karachi had a beautiful cold, cloudy and rain day (as it was the 3rd day of Eid-ul-Az'ha that year). Another unique example when whole of that rain clouds came just from the 'Arabian Sea' (as clear in the given satellite picture of that day) and it kept raining or drizzling almost whole day. It was a bit heavy or moderate during 9 am to 1 pm time to time at Nazimabad where 11 mm rain was recorded on that day and very cold max temperature i.e. 21°C. At North Karachi and Faisal Base 12 mm and at Masroor Base 10 mm rain was reported.

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