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A system that brought 2 days of intermittent light to moderate rain in Karachi caused rain in much of the country. On 18th December Karachi remained mostly cloudy then light to moderate showers at late evening/night and on 19th December was a very cold and cloudy day (max only 19°C) with drizzle or light showers time to time from mid day to evening then it rained from 8 pm to late night in city. 10 to 14 mm rain was recorded in city during 2 days, in Nazimabad 4 mm rain recorded on 18th and 8 mm on 19th December. Interestingly from start to end (17 to 19 December 2008), most of those clouds were coming from Arabian Sea (SSW) rather than normal route from Persian Gulf, Iran or Oman etc. (as we can see in that day’s given satellite picture also) It was the last proper ‘December Rain in most of Sindh’ however this year Karachi received 1st rain after about 4 years on 13th December.

22 Years Rain History of Karachi
HISTORY IN REVIEW: 18 & 19 December, 2008
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