Yearly Stats about 'COLD DAYS' in Karachi

Shared By:Waseem ahmed  Stats about YEARLY COLD 'DAYS' in Karachi

People should understand & remember that the lesser 'maximum temperature' we feel the 'Day' the colder so we should focus more on max. temp because it gives real idea not only about 'how is the weather/temperature when we are in action or working' but also it gives a good idea about 24 hours temperature.

Cloudy & windy weather in winters make the 'day' cold and during clear sky normally 'night' gets colder as we just experienced yesterday (15th Dec-12) that maximum temp was 23°C where minimum was 16°C but everyone saying that was the coldest day this winter so far. 

By Karachi & other coastal Pakistan standards I categorize like this: 'Mild is around 29 to 32 max temp' ....... 'Cool is 25 to 28 C' and under 25 i.e. 24 or below is 'Cold' for us. 
In the given picture stats showing the Coldest DAY of the years since 1990 in Karachi (not night or minimum temperatures that would also be discussed soon in future, insha Allah) 

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