14 January, 1995 Heaviest Winter Rain in Karachi

Karachi 14th January, 1995 Karachi:’ The Heaviest Winter Rain of my life’ by  Waseem Ahmed

On Friday, 13th January 1995 it was cloudy since morning and intermittent drizzle occurred during 10 am to late afternoon, then it remained mostly cloudy till night. From midnight i.e. 14th January rain started in most of city that turned really violent around 2 am. Heavy rain continued up to around 6 am then light to moderate showers continued in till 11 am.

It was the heaviest rain of winters in Karachi during last 25 years; Masroor Base had 89, Airport 81 and Nazimabad about 80 mm of rain on that day, it was also a very cold day as maximum temperature was just 19°C. Hyderabad (about 55 mm) and most of Sindh also received moderate to heavy rain on late 13th and 14th January, 1995.

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  1. Excellent information about karachi Raining history..Good work PWF and Waseem..

  2. assalamu alaykum dear sir PWF and also brother Waseem..!i lots of learn from your website day to day about weather articles and posts..

  3. and the other rain which had occrd 5 am in december 35 mm


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