Countrywide Rainfall in Pakistan (1-6 Feb 2013)

Fresh New Strong Countrywide Rainy System:
Another fresh new countrywide strong rain system is expected to coming during the 2-6 of February due to Western-Distubance.This system affect the major parts of Pakistan.This Weather system coming towards the country from Iran and Afghanistan and would reach on 2-Feb-2013 to major part of Balochistan and then it is likely to intensify from 3 Feb 2013 and reach  to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa,Gilgit Baltistan,Kashmir,Punjab and Sindh.

Q-What about Sindh including Karachi..?

A-Partly cloudy and overcast condition is expected in Sindh including Karachi.This coming weather system may also affect karachi , Hyderabad,Dadu, Thatta, Nawabshah, Sukkur, Larkana also Moro and other parts of Sindh with some moderate to Heavy showers..

Q-Another Cold Wave coming from this system..?
A-Moderate cold wave expected from this weather system to Balochistan and Sindh including Karachi..Temperature will drops to 3-5 Degree Centigrade in major parts of country.

Heavy Rainshower could occur in Costal Parts of Balochistan including Makran Divison,Omara,Pasni and adjoining areas from late sunday or early monday.

Short Summary:
Heavy rain/snow fall expected in Balochistan,Khyber Pakhtunkhwa,Gilgit-Baltistan,Kashmir.While moderate to heavy rain falls also expected in Sindh and Pubjab from this coming weather system including Karachi,Islamabad and Lahore.Some parts of upper KPK and Punjab would get more than 100 mm of thundry heavy rain Shower.
NEWS UPDATE (03-Feb-2013 : 12.40 AM)

This New system would intensify from tomorrow and cause Heavy falls in Balochistan,KPK,Pubjab,G-B,Kashmir and Sindh.Mostly parts of Pakistan covered by Clouds according to the latest image..Some Isolated Rain falls started in Balochistan and Khyber pakhtunkhwa according to our latest information...Drizzle/Light Rain in Shahdadpur,hyderabad,kotri,Dadu,jamshoro,skrand and other adjoining places,More falls expected their from tomorrow including Karachi.


  1. Sukker ma Barish ho he kia?

  2. PWF tell me k Kia Karachi ma barish halki hogi ya taiz..?

  3. Thanks Sir for update..!

  4. @Ali Aslam Rainfall Possible in Sukker,@Faiq Moderate to Some Heavy fall expected in Karachi on monday..!

  5. Edhar fooar chal rahi hey


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