Countrywide Rain and Snow fall in Pakistan (1-6 Feb 2013)

Shared timeline post by: Waseem Ahmed

Heavy rain showers occured in most of Karachi around 2 - 2:30 am (early Monday). In Paposhangar after some shower/drizzle earlier it started as 'very heavy showers' with NW winds at exact 2 am that contined (heavy) for 10 minutes then subsided quickly till 2:20 am, 8 mm recorded in my area. Scattered showers also occured in many parts of city this morning around 7 to 8:30 even 'shower with sunshine'. It was the First Proper Rain of February in Karachi since 9, Feb. 2007 (almost 6 years). Although it looks clear and 'over' but still some clouds in SE Iran, Baluchistan may passs and produce a shower over coastal areas including Karachi after some hours.

Some fresh dark clouds developed during last few hours in Gulf of Oman, SE Iran reaching Makran and other few parts of Baluchistan. There may be showers in coastal areas including Karachi possibily later afternoon hours. These clouds may also develop further and move northwards to produce rain/thunderstorm in Punjab, KP, Quetta and possibly in upper Sindh by this evening.

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