HISTORY IN REVIEW : Karachi; 19th March, 2007

HISTORY IN REVIEW: 19th March, 2007:
It was partly cloudy since that morning in city then very dark clouds entered especially at west and NW sides of city (with strong wind in some areas also) covered the area before 11 am. During 11 am to 12 noon most of western, northern and many central areas received very/extremely heavy rain with different duration and intensity however the amount of rain in southern and eastern parts of city was hugely less than what was in north and west. Due to very heavy downpour in a short period of time Roads, Streets and Nalas of North Karachi, North Nazimabad, F.B. Area, Banaras, SITE, Orangi etc. were showing ‘flooding’ conditions for few hours.
53 mm rain was recorded at North Karachi, 30 mm at Nazimabad, 17 mm at Masroor Base, while only 2 to 4 mm rain was reported at Faisal Base and Airport. 53 mm rain is still the highest amount of rain recorded in any area of Karachi during the month of March during last 25 years.
That system also caused widespread rain in most of country including most of Sindh & Baluchistan.
HISTORY IN REVIEW: Karachi; 19th March, 2010:
When Karachi had an extra ordinary hot and dry day when the warm wind from NNE started even around 10’o clock in the morning and continued till evening, maximum temperature soared to 42.2°C and that day stands as ‘All Time Record’ of ‘Heat for the month of March in Karachi’. 

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