Thunderstorm with Heavy Downpour in Karachi

The rainfall was started in Karachi at around 9:20pm (P.S.T) with Gusty winds and lightning with Loud Thunder sound. Many areas of Southern and Eastern side of Karachi was witnessed of heavy rain and Hail including Clifton,Defence,Saddar,Shara-e-Faisal,Gulshan-e-Iqbal,Malir.While just Light rain/drizzle occured in Northern and Western parts of city including Nazimabad,North Nazimabad,North Karachi,F-B Area,F-C Area.After the rainfall, weather of Karachi turned very pleasant and slightly cool as the Karachi received rainfall.
Amount of Rainfall recorded during last night in Karachi:Landhi 28mm, Saddar 5mm, Faisal Base 3mm, Old Airport area 2.8mm, Jinnah Terminal 0.4mm and Masroor Base 1mm.(27-3-2013)
Thunderstorm Picture Gallery by PWF

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