Amazing Stats about 2 Rains within a Week in Karachi

Few Amazing Stats about Karachi Rain - 2013 :
I have been observing the weather of Karachi since 1990 – In city’s history, the period from the ‘End of March to May’ has been one of the driest periods in a year for Karachi during last 24 years. This is the first time (I have seen in my life) that Karachi got “2 Rains within a Week during end of March or in April” i.e. on Wednesday, 27th March and Tuesday, 2nd April, 2013. Subhan’Allah! It is the only Almighty Who can make anything possible.
(A record already broken by last Tuesday’s rain is of “the Heaviest Rain for April in major part of Karachi in 24 years” i.e. 10-15 mm beating previous amounts of 4 and 5 mm in 1997 and 2012 respectively.)
I feel, may be few more records are ‘at risk’ this April. For example 
* Lowest maximum temperature of April which was 29°C way back on 9th April, 1992 (since 1990).
* More than 1 rain during month of April or the wettest April in Karachi.

Shared by Waseem Ahmed (Most active reader on Pak Weather)

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