Weather History in Review - Karachi: 2nd April, 1997

History in Review - Karachi: 2nd April, 1997:On the day Karachi received an unusual thunderstorm in the afternoon hours. Started with some unusually strong pieces of thunder clouds appear around 12 noon then kept developing. They were felt so special for me that I saw lightning / thunder even in pieces of clouds that were not big enough (apparently moving from NNE) then it drizzled with big drops in different areas around 1 pm. From 2 pm onwards clouds really developed from north and covered the sky. Then, starting from northern parts of city around 3 pm, moderate rain with very strong N or NE winds and acute thunder continued for about an hour then clouds gradually cleared from north to south by 5 pm. Winds were very cool that dropped temperature considerably even it felt like ‘winter rain’ for some time. 
Western side of city received heavy rain with hail also reported there, 20 mm rain was recorded by PMD at Masroor Base, 4 mm at my home in Nazimabad and 4 mm was also given by PMD at Airport.
It was the first rain in April for Karachi since I have the weather data i.e. since 1990-91, after that one, 2nd 'Rain in April' occured last year in the city on 19th April.

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