Another Heat Wave Set To Continue in Country

Pakistan Locked in another Heat Wave:
During the past 24 hours rainfall occurred over a few places in Rawalpindi and Islamabad with fast wind (about 120 Km/hour). Seasonal low lies over Balochistan and its connected areas. A shallow westerly wave currently prevailing over Northern areas and its adjoining areas can subside from today & inflicting hot and dry weather,Mostly hot and dry weather condition is expected across the most of the parts of Pakistan till coming days. 
Temperature in country to rise gradually due to another Heat wave from tomorrow (friday) till monday. The rise in temperature will be gradual, day time weather conditions could become warmer in Punjab, KPK, Sindh, Balochistan, Kashmir and GB especially in south Punjab,central and upper Sindh.The snow melting process are going to be increased within the 4-5 days that facilitate fill the water reservoirs and could help for generating electricity.

Monsoon Updates:
Depression over north Bay of Bengal:
The depression over north Bay of bengal, close to People's Republic of Bangladesh, has set the stage for an early monsoon that is predicted to enter Kerala among one or two of days. The monsoon is expected to arrive in Andhra Pradesh in next week.However no major rain for Pakistan till 10th of June 2013

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