Cyclone "Mahasen" over Bay of Bengal

Latest updates about strong cyclone "Mahasen" :
First Tropical storm during this year with naming "Mahasen" is now going to form in Bay of Bengal during 8-9 May 2013,Tropical storm "Mahasen" will expected to move in North-Western direction and good chances for landfall in the Chennai and the other parts of coastal areas of Andhra Pradesh State during 12-13 May 2013.
According to the Many model projections, It's very possible with big chances that Tropical storm "Mahasen" will Turn out into the form of Super Cyclone.Tropical storm "Mahasen" would be intensify with very heavy rainfall & fast wind over the coastal areas of Andhra Pradesh State, Orissa ,Western parts of Bengal and including NE states of India during 12th of May 2013.

Wait till further updates...

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