May in Karachi

May and Karachi – Temperature:
Average maximum temperature: 36°C
Average day time humidity: 56% – Heat Index: Extreme
Record highest maximum (hottest day) in last 25 years:  45°C (on 23rd May, 1989)
Last extreme heat in May: 44°C (21st May, 2011)
Record lowest maximum: 32°C (8th May, 1991)

May and Karachi – Rains:
Record / Heaviest rain: 2nd May, 1997 (40 mm max.)
Other: Windy, light shower/drizzle on 20th May, 1999
Last activity: Dust storm on 19th May, 2012 with drizzle in few areas.

Most Recent or Last Rains of May in Karachi:
From last 22 years data of Daily Weather in Karachi, the last proper rain in whole city was on 2nd May, 1997. On that day during early morning hours moderate to heavy rain with fierce lightning thunder recorded in Karachi especially from 5 am to 6 am. I remember that morning very well, as that was the most awful thunder in my life so far as most of people in this city, who normally use to wake up late, got up stunned by those ‘blasts of thunders’ in the city at around 5 am. Masroor Base received 40 mm & 32 mm in Nazimabad where eastern and southern parts of the city received less amount of rain (10 – 20 mm).
The second & most recent shower (that was not a general rain in whole city) was on 20th May, 1999 when due to a very severe cyclone 2-A city experienced trace of rainfall (bit more rainfall was seen in southern & eastern spots of the city) however very strong winds from NE continued most of that day.

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