The Introduction of Monsoon Season

"Basic Knowledge about Monsoon"
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The introduction of Monsoon season: ( تعارف  مون سون ) 

The Arabic language word for the season 'mawsin' is the root of the word 'monsoon' due to their annual presence  Although the exact cause of the monsoons is not fully conclude,  no one expert debate that pressure of air is one of the primary factors.

In Every summer season, southern Asia especially India including Pakistan, Bangladesh, SriLanka & others , is soaked by heavy rain that's come from wettish air masses, that mosit air move in from the Indian Ocean to the southern areas. These showers, and the masses of air  that bring them, are called as monsoons ( مون سون یا مانسون ).This term was used first in English language in British India (now this term use in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan) and other nearby countries.

What is the monsoon cycle ?
Monsoon is not only known as summer rain but as well as the complete cycle that consist of both in summer water-soaked on shore and  also shower from the south offshore,In winter of Asia water-less or drought winds that's blow to the Indian Ocean.In summer season,Indian Ocean under over the high pressure (HP) area, while a low subsist over the Asia. 

Development of Monsoon :
The high pressure over the ocean of air masses move from the  to the low pressure over the Asian continent, produce moisture-laden air to south Asia.During winter season in Asia, the process is backtrack and a low pressure lies over the Indian Ocean while a high pressure sit over the Tibetan plateau so air flows directly down to the south  ocean and Himalaya. The migration of swap winds and wind from the west also provide to the monsoons season.

When does Pakistan monsoon season start and end?
This a very good question for our PWF fans.Summer Monsoon rainy season occurs in South Asia including Pakistan from end of June to the month of October.The Thar Desert and adjoining areas of the upper and central parts of subcontinent heats up considerably during the hot summers season, which causes a low pressure area over the Upper and central parts of sub-continent.Some parts of the South Asian countries receive up to 80,000-10,000 mm of rain per year.

Importance of Monsoon Season:
The wet monsoons, which begins almost suddenly in June, are especially important to India,Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Myanmar (Burma). Monsoon rains are very important and responsible for Over 50% percent of Pakistan and 90% of Indian water supply. The rains usually last until September.

Affected area of Asia during Monsoon:
About world's half of the population including Pakistan especially India lives in the monsoons affected areas of the Asia and majority of all these people are existence farmers, so the coming monsoon and goings of the monsoon season are dynamic to their livelihood to grow food to feed themselves. Too much or two little shower from the monsoon season can become a disaster in the form of famine or flood.

World Wide Monsoon: ( عالمی مون سون )
The smallish monsoons also take place in northern Australia, equatorial Africa, and to a slight bound in the southwestern parts United States of America.

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