Tropical Cyclone Mahasen hit Bangla coast

Latest updates about strong cyclone "Mahasen"  ( 4.00 pm PKT ):
According to the Latest satellite imagery,Tropical Cyclone 'Mahasen' created over SE of BOB (Bay of Bengal) has weakened and captive slightly moving towards the NW.

Land falling of Tropical Cyclone Mahasen:
Tropical Cyclone Mahasen affected northwestwards and lay centered 600 kilometre west-southwest of car Nicobar, 1,140 km south of Paradip , 700 kilometer northeast of Trincomalee (Sri Lanka), 850 kilometer southeast of Chennai; and 1,450 kilo-meter south-southwest of city in People's Republic of Bangladesh.
It would ab initially move northwestwards throughout succeeding 36 hours and re-curve thenceforth northeastwards towards the Bangladesh-Myanmar coast.

It's observed that the weakening trend of cyclone Mahasen might be temporary,. Prevailing ocean and atmosphere factors support the case for its strengthening as a severe cyclonic storm. Mahasen may weigh down before it turns northeastward in response to associate approaching western disturbance from Northwest Asian country.But the storm could still intensify to clock a peak of 157 km/hr during a number of days because it makes landfall simply north of urban center as a moderate cyclone.

Latest updates on "Mahasen"  ( 12.00 A.M PKT ) - 15/5/2013:
More than 7 Peoples expired in Mahasen and about 3,000 peoples homeless as the  storm "Mahasen" brought about very heavy rains in the northern and eastern areas of Sri Lanka and their adjoining parts. while two more are lost or missing as an after effect of the cyclonic storm "Mahasen". Tropical cyclonic storm "Mahasen" as it moves towards the coastline of Bangladesh and the other parts of Burma.

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