Comet ISON Coming in 2013 - Brighter Than Full Moon

Comet ISON Could Be Brighter Than Moon passing by Nov 2013:
Sun grazing comet  identified late in 2012 by two Russian Astronomers.Round the time of its perihelion or nearest approach to the sun on November twenty eight (28, 2013), it may become a putting striking Visible to the naked eye even alone in daylight timing. This comet is termed C/2012 S1 (ISON) by astronomers. All people round the globe should be ready to see it. Look below for a month-by-month comet ISON viewing schedule.
Keep Your Eyes ON For Watching Comet ISON:
It  is  predicted   that, ISON  might in  short become  brighter than the complete Moon. however at once the comet is way below naked-eye visibility, and bigger telescopes square measure required to makes observations 

End of the World 2013 ? or Doomsday:
To be continued till new updates...


  1. When will it appear in the sky of Pakistan anyway.?
    i've been looking for it since the 3rd December on both times dawn and sunset, but no sign of comet ison. I read somewhere that it will appear in asian countries in the month of December during dawn or sunset times, do you've any news about it mr. author.?


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