Cyclone Bhola - The Deadliest Tropical Storm Ever

The tropical cyclone "Bhola" strengthened into an severe cyclonic system on 11 November 1970, and started to turn towards the north eastern parts of Bangladesh as it approached the head of the Bay of Bangal. A clear eye structured in this cyclone, and it arrived at its peak point later that day with stood by winds of 185 km/hour (115 mph). The cyclone "Bhola" made landfall on the East Pakistan coastline  (now Bangladesh) throughout the night time of November 12, around the same time as the nearby very high tides. 

On November 12, 1970,deadly tropical cyclone "Bhola"  that struck Eastern Pakistan (now Bangladesh) .Bhola was the deadliest tropical cyclone ever recorded and one of the biggest natural disasters in modern times era. Tropical cyclone 'Bhola' kills more than 500000 people, first and the primarily result as of this cyclone surge that flooded more of the low lying parts of Ganges Delta of Bangladesh.The Pakistani government was intensely scrutinized for its taking care of the help operations emulating the storm, both by neighborhood political pioneers in East Pakistan and in the worldwide media.

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