Hidden Paradise "Ziarat" burned by terrorist

Climate of Ziarat -  Valley in Balochistan:
A beautiful city Ziarat is a hilly area present  in district Sibi in Pakistan province Baluchistan. Ziarat remains cool quietly in during summer season and receives good snow/rainfall during the season of winter.

Historical Black day for Pakistan - A piece of Pakistan died today:
June 15, 2013 are going to be remembered forever. Today, the attractive building that adorns our hundred rupee notes was burnt and destroyed by militants those flung hand grenades at Jinnah’s residency in Ziarat. All the historical pictures and piece of furniture was destroyed. As always, the militants those committed this despicable act of senseless violence at large unhurt.

Today, a wood and brick building weakened, however together with it, our beloved Quaid-e-Azam’s memory too was sullied.

A quick history check: Ziarat residency was made in 1892 with the concept of it turning into a sanatorium owing to the presence of a Juniper forest within the space within which it absolutely was made. presently it absolutely was reborn into a summer residence of the Agent to the governor. however it being the building wherever Quaid-e-Azam Mohammed Ali were spent his last days and is what it makes it actually historical.

Another Back to Back incidents today in Baluchistan:
1-  Double militants attack in  Quetta kills 29 including bus attack on women university bus killed 12.
2- Double road Accident  in Baluchistan today :
3- Road Accident in Chaman killed 15 with 30 injured.

4- Road Accident in Hub killed 5 with 12 injured.

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