History Review - 18th July and Karachi

Karachi History Review - 18th July 1984:
Severe dust-thunderstorm hit the city at evening around 6 pm, very strong winds in the start caused damages across the city then rain for an hour or so.

Karachi History Review - 18th July 2003:
City had moderate rain/showers by clouds that came from 'south-east' in the afternoon (around 12-1 pm) that were recorded 2 - 7 mm in different areas of city.

Karachi History Review - 18th July 2009:
I saw the worst or heaviest rainfall of my life in Karachi on Saturday, 18th July. After morning thunderstorm, moderate to heavy showers continued almost whole day till evening then AT NIGHT AROUND 9:50-10 pm EXTREMELY HEAVY ‘TROPICAL STYLE OF POURING’ RAIN STARTED IN WHOLE CITY (without much strong winds or thundering) THAT LASTED ABOUT ONE & A HALF HOUR THAT ENDED OR SLOWED AROUND 11:10 to 11:20 pm causing lots of damage and casualties. 
From morning to late night 230 mm rain recorded at Masroor Base, 180 at Airport & Shahra-e-Faisal and 160-170 mm in North Karachi & Nazimabad.

(Picture of a Underpass in Karachi on 18-July, 2009)

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