History Review - 19th July and Karachi

History in Review:19th July and Karachi – Known as a ‘regular rainy day in past’1988:
Heavy rain and thunderstorms continued in city from 12 noon to late evening, about 40-50 mm rain approximately.

History in Review 1992: Strong afternoon thunderstorm received by the city as 1st Monsoon rain of that year, about 35 mm.

History in Review 1995: Another ‘First heavy rain’ of the season with winds and thunder in late afternoon then also at late night, about 55 mm rain recorded till late night.

History in Review 2003: Heavy rain in the morning around 7:30 to 8:30 am stunned the people as it was particularly heavy in ‘south’. Garden received 52 mm and Nazimabad 35 mm within an hour where less rain in east, Faisal Base had 14 mm.

History in Review 2009: After a terribly wet 18th July, most of city received another heavy rain on 19th July around 2 pm for about 30 – 45 minutes (in different areas), 35 mm rain was recorded in Nazimabad, then light shower or drizzle continued till evening.

(A picture of Lyari Naddi of Karachi on 19th July, 2009)

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