(A picture of 22-Aug-2007 at Khuda Ki Basti, Karachi.)

History in Review Karachi; 19th, 20th & 21st August, 1994:
During the great Monsoon 1994, a strong rain spell that affected most of Sindh. It rained moderately in Karachi on 18th August afternoon mostly in east.

On 19th August, most of lower, central Sind received heavy rain, Karachi got 40-50 mm rain on that day mostly during morning to afternoon.
On 20th August moderate rain/showers swept the city when about 8-12 mm rain received in different areas of city.

History in Review Karachi: 22nd August, 2007:
Heavy rain that hit the city especially during morning hours (5 to 10 am) and then moderate to light till noon, it made city’s business almost ‘off’ for the day as parts of city received 68 to 83 mm rain in just about 5-6 hours.

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‘Missed’ Karachi Weather History in Review
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