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Now you can Charge Your Mobile phone with Peepal Leaves!

You are do not need a any mobile charger to charge your cell phones. So there’s got to use fresh green leaf of peepal (Ficus religiosa) tree and after some time your mobile will get charged.

No before long the people came to find out this development, they tested it and located encouraging results. If your mobile has been discharged and you’re within a jungle then you wish to not use any charger. you should to pluck 2 peepal (Ficus religiosa) leaves and your work would be done.

It is excellent plan and straight forward to charge your mobile. you’d ought to open your mobile battery and connect it with peepal leaf. afterward while not shaking mobile set you ought to set the battery in your mobile set. After few minutes your mobile phone would be charged.

Though it’s unbelievable however as before long because the residents of Chitrakoot, Nepal. came to understand concerning the invention they may not believe the news. however after they saw it much then the incident verified true.

Step by Step guideance to charge your mobile phone battery using the leaf of peepal:
1- Open your mobile cover
2- Take out your battery
3- Take two to three fresh leaves of peepal/pipal/ashwattha tree
4- Touch the stub of these leaves on your mobile battery terminal for a minute
5- Clean the mobile battery terminal with the soft cloth
6- Put your battery again in your mobile and switch it on
7- Now you can see the result
8- If required repeat the process with fresh leaves.

Charge Your Mobile Phone Without Electricity
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