Final monsoon spell for the Year 2013 currently given moderate to heavy rain shower in most of the parts of upper Pakistan (Upper Punjab, KPK and Kashmir). Last spell of Monsoon season will continue till next 24/36 hours. Islamabad turned white again as hail storm hit the capital in the morning. It went pitch dark for hours which followed with thunder, hail storm and heavy rain. Islamabad got 63 mm of rainfall, major parts of upper Pakistan received moderate to heavy falls with fast wind including in Lahore,Dir, Chakwal, Jehlum, Mangla, Gujranwala ,Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Kurk and Kohat. While most of the other parts of country expecting to remains in dry and hot condition including Karachi and other parts of coastal areas.

Recorded Monsoon Rainfall during last 24 hours in Pakistan:
Islamabad 63 mm

Rawalpindi 51 mm
Dir 32 mm
Gujrat 30 mm
Chakwal 25mm 
Jehlum 21
Mangla 19 mm 
Pattan 11 mm
Gujranwala 05 mm
Sialkot 05 mm

Final Spell of Monsoon for Year 2013 in Pakistan
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