History in Review: 1st September

(A picture of 1st Sept, 2011 evening)

History in Review: 1st September, 1994:
Karachi received rain with thunder for some time at 7 in the evening, it was bit heavy in start then light to moderate or drizzle for half an hour or so, eastern areas got more rain then the rest of city, 2 mm was at Nazimabad. 
That rain spell continued till 5 Sept.

History in Review: 1st September, 2010:
A dust storm hit most of city in late afternoon with showers in different areas, then after Maghrib/late evening to night rain with very strong wind and intense lightning hit most of city, about 4 to 8 mm rain was recorded in different parts of city.

History in Review: 1st September, 2011:
Despite all sources forecast of rain (of 80-90% chance) for Karachi only few areas received drizzle on that day with all day NE/E clouds and breeze. However most of Sindh including Hyderabad received strong thunderstorm / rain on that evening especially.

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