History in Review:
On 6th September, 2012
Karachi had a great rain (with awesome black clouds and lightning around Namaz-e-Maghrib time) in the evening but not received by the whole city, it was a very strange that huge variable amount of rain fell on that evening, 63 mm of rain at Airport and nearby area, very good also in Landhi, Korangi, DHA, PECHS, Johar, Gulshan (30 to 45), F.B. Area but very little in north and western parts of Karachi (3 mm in North Nazimabad and less than 1 mm in my area Papsohnager and Masroor Base).
SE areas received a very good rain/showers also before that thunderstorm around 5:30 pm.

6th September 2011:
Karachi had another great rain/thunderstorm after a very hot and humid day, rain hit most of city during the afternoon hours.
Airport had the highest amount of about 72 mm (most of SE got the heavier and longer rain). Nazimabad had around 28 mm on that day.

A picture of that evening in Karachi on 6th September, 2013.

History in Review: 
7th September, 2012:
Karachi had a beautiful day with showers occurred in most of city during morning hours esp 8 – 10 am then it remained mostly cloudy with cool & fast winds from NE. Nazimabad had 4.5 and Airport 3.5 mm rain.
Many parts of lower & SE Sindh received good rain on that day.

7th September, 2011:
A day of intense rains in most of lower and central Sindh however most of Karachi received drizzle on that day with heavy clouds.

(Satellite picture of 7-Sept, 2011 evening)

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September History Review for Karachi
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