The year’s most powerful typhoon after 34 years was grinding closer to Hong Kong tongiht, “Usagi” the severe typhoon, packing sustained winds of 109mph (175km/h), with gusts of up to 132mph. Hundreds of flights to be off and closing down shipping once pummelling island communities within the Philippines and Taiwan with significant rains and fierce winds.

Typhoon Usagi was expected to form landfall simply north of metropolis late on Sunday or early weekday, with forecasters warning that it posed a severe threat to the southern Chinese town.

Usagi – Japanese for rabbit – was classified as a severe storm, packing sustained winds of 109mph (175km/h), with gusts of up to 132mph.

The storm was downgraded from a brilliant storm on weekday – once its sustained winds fell below 150mph – because it more established the island strait separating the Philippines and Taiwan, in all probability frugal residents in each places from the foremost damaging winds close to its eye. In the Philippines, Usagi left a minimum of 2 individuals dead and 2 others missing, whereas in Taiwan 9 individuals were hurt by falling trees on Kinmen island off China’s coast.

Super Typhoon Usagi Reaches China
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