Amazing Weather facts of Salalah – Oman: Salalah – Oman is one of the most beautiful places in the middle east region around the brown landscape and its surroundings is mostly transformed to a beautiful and amazing with lush green mountains and waterfalls. The only part of Arabian Peninsula receiving South West Monsoon Rains is Dhofar Province and adjoining regions located mostly tain the Sulnate of Oman, particularly the city of Salalah where average monsoon rainfall rain is 63.8 mm in the monsoon months of June to September. The surrounding valleys/wadis received much more rainfall and surprisingly give the look of tropical rain forest during monsoon months. The area is dotted with small waterfalls and small rivers and greenery everywhere during the monsoon period. A picture from the valley of Salalah (Oman).

Amazing facts of Green Valleys of Middle East
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