First proper winter rain in December after four years:

Last year during the early hours of this day, Karachi received its first proper winter rain in December after four years. 
PMD had not issued a rain forecast for Karachi so majority of the residents were not prepared to be awakened by the pouring rain, gale-force winds and strong lightning and thunder which accompanied it. Most models and charts had predicted between 1 and 5 mm rain so even most of us weather lovers were caught by surprise!

Skies were clear till midnight, however clouds started to appear on the sky from W or WNW direction after 3 AM and gradually got thicker with the passing hour. Around 5 AM, the first drops of rain began to fall, while the wind picked up and lighting flashed across the sky and thunder roared. In the next 15 minutes,
the rhythmic patter of rain drops turned into a moderate downpour, but it didn’t stop there. by 5 15 AM, the rain was beating down on the metropolis with full ferocity. Strong winds and fierce lightning and thunder woke up the residents from their deep sleep to witness the phenomenon live! 

Next 20 minutes, the rain relinquished its fury upon the city of 20 million, with very heavy rain, winds, lightning and thunder. It subsided a few minutes before Azan of Fajar. Light to moderate showers again started around 7 AM and continued with breaks till 9 AM. 

Stormy and Thundery rain Video recorded by PWF –

PWF was predicted Detail Forecast & Information on 8 Dec 2012 about this Spell:

SE areas (Landhi, Korangi and DHA) were hit the hardest, with Landhi receiving 32.5 mm and an estimated 35 to 40 mm also falling in Korangi and DHA. Sharea Faisal received 32 mm, Karachi University area 23.2 mm, Saddar and North Karachi 19 mm (each), Jinnah Airport 16 mm, Masroor Base Mauripur 10 mm and North Nazimabad 8 mm.

Unfortunately, almost whole Sindh remained dry on that day, with only Badin and Thatta receiving 7 mm each, though upper Punjab did receive a good rain spell, including twins and Lahore.

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Karachi History in Review: 13 December 2012
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