No threat to Pakistan from cyclone Nanauk

Cyclone Nanauk Update (13-June-2014):
Cyclone #Nanauk may be weakening over Arabian sea, rough seas along Pakistan coasts will continue till next 2 days including #Karachi. Currently Cyclone Nanauk is 490 Km (approx.) away from the coastal belt of Karachi.

Cyclone Nanauk Update (12-June-2014):

CYCLONE "NANAUK": Level of Arabian sea rises as cyclone #Nanauk intensifies, sea water has entered in certain parts of Karachi and coastal areas of Thatta & Gaddani on Thursday due to a tropical cyclone "Nanauk" which is likely to hit Oman coast this Sunday. Tropical Cyclone #Nanauk has winds of 70 mph as per our latest updates. Currently Cyclone #Nanauk is 590 Km (approx.) away from coastal belt of Karachi & weaken gradually after 12 hours.

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