Pakistan Monsoon Second Spell Advisory

Pakistan Monsoon Second (2nd) Spell Weather Advisory:
As we predicted in last advisory that heavy rain expected in NE punjab very good spell occured in NE punjab especially Gujrat, M.Bahadudin Kharia. we also predicted Nothing to isolated showers in Isbd/Pindi and nothing happen.After that the weather is very hot and humid in much of Pakistan. 
Gilgit Baltistan: Some chances of light/moderate rain associated with gusty winds in parts of Gilgit Baltistan such as Gilgit, Chillas etc. After two days some good chances of rain in these areas

Kashmir: Chance of rain thunderstorm in much of Kashmir with the breaks for next 4-5 days.

Twins: Hot and humid weather will prevail in the twins. Some chances of light rain in twins during next 2 days and after that some strong activity expected not that strong but moderately strong activity expected in twins...

Upper Punjab: Hot and humid weather expected in Rawalpindi, Gujrat, Lahore. Some chances of rain with gusty winds in these areas during next 2 days after that strong activity expected.
South Punjab: Very Hot and humid weather expected in much of south punjab. However some currents of monsoon reaching in South punjab some isolated activity expected in Multan, Bahawalpur, Cholistan area and Rahimyar Khan

Sindh: Passing clouds with chances of dust storm in Upper sindh.
Some strong activity expected in SE sindh during next some days...
Balochistan: some chances of passing shower with passing clouds in Kalat, Awaran etc.

KPK: Some chances of light rain expected in much of KPK south KPK with remain hot and dry.

This forecast is not the end of the world. Everything is in the hands of Allah S.W.T. it may change because nature is unpredictable.

Posted by Muhammad Mashhood Iqbal

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