SuperMoon 2014 returns to the Sky of Pakistan

Super Moon 2014 returns:
Full moon falls on Midsummer Night means 12/13 July, 2014 at 11:32 Greenwich Mean Time. Thus, for many, the moon seems regarding as full because it will on the evening of Midsummer Night. This phase of the moon isn't solely the nighest and largest phase of the moon. It conjointly presents the moon’s nighest encounter. Don't worry if you missed, the moon won't be thus shut once more till August, 2014. 

The Moon closest to World

2011March 19356,575 km
2012May 6356,955 km
2013June 23356,991 km
2014August 10356,896 km
2015September 28356,877 km
2016November 14356,509 km

Will the tides be beyond usual in earth including  Pakistan?
Yes, all full moons bring higher-than-usual tides, and periapsis full moons bring the very best (and lowest) tides of all. Each month, on the day of the total moon, the moon, Earth and sun square measure aligned, with Earth in between. This line up creates wide-ranging tides, referred to as spring tides. High spring tides climb up particularly high, and on constant day low tides plunge particularly low.

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