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People of Pakistan celebrates 68th Day of Independence :
A very happy Independence day to my beloved Pakistan and my brothers and sisters. May you all prosper  may our freedom be protected - may we walk free for eternity. Celebrating 14 years of Success:
14 years ago today, our team thought to make a 1st Weather website in Pakistan for daily weather updates & forecast as well as most popular World weather developing stories. As we celebrate today, our 14th anniversary as a weather related news and review website, we are looking back at how the years have brought us success as well as what the future holds. Thanks for all our daily readers and members to appreciating our work and progress. 

Once again & again, PakWeather team just want to thanks for all having stuck with PakWeather for all these years and we really appreciate for each thing that you people have done for PakWeather. Without you people and your continued support for PakWeather and it's team, we wouldn’t exist today. Since 2000 many Weather websites and pages come and go, but because of you, our readers, we’re still here and standing strong.

Thanks to our most active fans:
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Back to Our Past - Who we are :
Some websites claim to be Pakistan's first weather website but they are given wrong information. Pakistan'sfirst website related to weather "" was founded in August  2000 with the help and, at the time launching "Aug2000" is working as a  live weather search engine and updates. during that (2000-2005) period became most popular weather website in Pakistan as compare to others in a very short period. In 2007-08 PakWeather.comstopped for maintenance and up-gradation and started again on April 05-2013 with added features.
Check previous version from here , here and here
Screenshots of in 2004 and 2005
Click to enlarge - Screenshots of in 2004 & 2005 

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