Be the first to know about Interesting Top 10 Weather Facts!!

1- There are about 1800 Thunderstorms including lightening and winds occurring in World’s atmosphere at any Day n Night time.

2- During the year of 1967, Dangerous hurricane unleashed about 115+ tornadoes over surface of Texas – America.

3- The World’s windiest place is in Antarctica – Port Martin at least an average wind speed of 40 mph.

    4- Approximately 90% lightning strike victims survive.

      5- In every 10 minutes, a cyclone releases more powerful energy than all the Nuclear weapons in the World’s combined.

        6- Do you know? that the rain showers contains vitamin B-12.

          7- The speed of a typical raindrop is 17 miles per hour

            8- The fastest and strongest wind speed is 318 Mile Per hour ever recorded in one of the tornadoes that was hit Oklahoma on 3 May 1999.

              9- The World’s highest and dangerous snowfall was recorded ever during the year that is 1224 inches.

                10- Think! if the earth surface were flat, all the water in World would cover everything in a layer two miles deep.

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