10 Big Surprising Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Top 10 Advantages & Benefits of Water:
In our daily life water is very important for all living things. The chemical formula of water is H2O. Science said that minimum 8 glass drinking can save many you disease, human body is composed of between 55 and 78 percent water, depending on the size of the body. Regular water consumption has numerous health benefits for human and all living things, also it has no calories, fat, carbohydrates or sugar.
There are lot of benefits of water, some are as given below for understand that what is the importance of water in our daily life.

1- Water is better of Exercise:
Regular water drinking regulates your body temperature. Water is a fuel of muscles. You can feel more relax during exercise.

2- Water is Better for Brain Relaxation:
Human brain conduct 90% of water, so it is very necessary for brain to improve your relaxation and you can give more productivity and activeness in your studies, your daily work, also you have more punctual in your job life. Do not ignore water when you wake up early in the morning, at least one glass you can drink regularly.

3- Water is Better for Stomach:
Water is better for stomach. The acidity of stomach is increase when you eat fast foods, so it is very important for you to drink the water before you eat and to reduce the acidity of water in your stomach.

4- Water is a Life of Kidney:
Water is very important for kidney. It is a life of kidney. It is important for kidney to full them with the water every time because the stone is generating in your kidney if you ignore the water level that is present in your kidney.

5- For Skin Freshness:
The skin part of human body is very important for us. It is our identification and made our confidence better. So water is very important for skin, it made freshness of our skin and removed the spots. You can look more attractive and good looking when you drink water mostly.

6- Good Mood:
Water can make your mood fresh you can enjoy fresh yourself with water even you can try to move sea sides in your holidays to make some freshness and be happy.

7- Prevents Sprains:
In a proper manner hydration helps keep joints lubricated and muscles more elastic and strong so the joint pain is less likely. . .

   8- Increase Energy: 
Water is very useful for increase your energy and stamina then you can easily play different types of games like football, cricket, tennis, and different running games, etc..

   9- For Weight Loss:
You can control your fat and reduce your weight when you drinking of water regularly water make your calories zero and fit your body. You can look more attractive.

10- Control Heart Beat:

Water is best for controlling heart beat. It also control blood pressure and very helpful to save you for heart attack.

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