Karachi, Thatta at risk due to Rising sea level

"Sea level rising faster along Coastal Sindh"

Karachi and Thatta has warned by the National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) that Karachi could be completely be drown or covered under sea water by 2060 including other coastal areas of lower Sindh.

A Senate committee was advised that Badin and Thatta can drown by 2050 and city by 2060 if immediate steps weren't taken to envision ocean intrusion on the coastal areas of Sindh. The Senate committee on Science and Technology headed by academic Sajid Mir was additionally advised that a major part of Malir had already been laid low with water. Director General of the NIO Dr Asif Inam told the committee that in 1989, the world organisation had enclosed Pakistan within the list of nations which might be laid low with the increase of water level.

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