10 Interesting Facts You Never Knew About the Human Brain

Top Ten Surprising Facts You Never Knew About Our Brain
The human brain is like a powerful computer that stores our memory and controls how we as humans think and react. It has evolved over time and features some incredibly intricate parts that scientists still struggle to understand.

  1. The brain is the center of the human nervous system, controlling our thoughts, movements, memories and decisions.Lack of oxygen in the brain for 5 to 10 minutes, results the brain is permanently damage.New Brain Connections Are Created Every Time You Form a Memory.
  2. When awake, the human brain produces enough electricity to power a small light bulb.60% of your brain is fat.
  3. The human brain consumes the largest portion of the total energy that is generated in the human body. To be precise, the brain consumes 20% of that energy despite the fact that it only represents only 2% of the total body weight. 
  4. The weight of the human brain is about 3 lbs. The brain of an adult human weighs around 3 pounds (1.5 kg). Although it makes up just 2% of the body's weight, it uses around 20% of its energy.
  5. The human brain is over three times as big as the brain of other mammals that are of similar body size.
  6. Diseases of the brain include Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson's disease and multiple sclerosis. Diseases such as these can limit the normal function of the human brain. Your brain consists of about 100 billion neurons.
  7. There are anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 synapses for each neuron. A newborn baby’s brain grows about three times its size in the first year. Measures of brain activity show that during the second half of a child's first year, the prefrontal cortex, the seat of forethought and logic, forms synapses at such a rate that it consumes twice as much energy as an adult brain. That furious pace continues for the child's first decade of life.
  8. Stopped growing. Your brain stopped growing at age 18. The capacity for such emotions as joy, happiness, fear, and shyness are already developed at birth.
  9. Forgetting is better for your brain, because the deleting of unnecessary information can helps to retain plasticity of your nervous system . Stress is very dangerous for human brain because it can make your brain smaller in physical size. Up to 90% of all illness and disease is stress-related in fact, stress is actually the most common cause of changes in brain functionThere is no sense of pain within the brain itself
  10. At night, our peripheral vision is better than our foveal (straight on) vision. Hikers at night do better when they look slightly above the trail, and airplane pilots are taught to look for traffic out of the sides of their eyes. This is because our rod cells, photoreceptors that respond best to dim light, are located mostly in the periphery of the retina. 

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