Pakistan Rich in Natural Resources

Everyone knows that Pakistan is one of the richest country in the world in terms of natural resources.

Water Resources In Pakistan:
Pakistan having the corner of seaside with full of water resources, but cannot avert the water crisis. Also Pakistan having many rivers and canals, but cannot generate required amount of energy because of the political interference. People of Pakistan use dirty water in some desert and village sides.

Pakistan rich in Natural Gas : -
Pakistan producing huge amount of natural gas, estimated reserves are 885.3 billion cubic meters. Gas found in place of Sui in Balochistan. The Sui gas field is the largest, accounting for 26% of Pakistan’s gas production. Daily production of natural gas is about 19 million cubic meters per day. Gas fields are expected to last for another 20 years. Under the sands of Sindh and mountains of Balochistan, there having untouched gas reserves are present.
According to SNGPL, 40 percent natural gas is losses in pipeline every year. This loss can be preventing by changing the strategy. Many  users are not paying gas bills and hundred of factories, manufacturing plants are using gas without meters including heavy weight industrialists and politicians also. We can terminate the system of pipeline in Pakistan as other parts of world are also not delivering gas through pipelines. In this way, the 40% immediate line losses will be resolved and no gas without billing will be faced by the gas providing companies. We can install some LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) plants to liquefy our “Sui Gas”. Because of this, those who will pay for a cylinder of gas will buy gas on private stores or company outlets and in the result Pakistan will get rid of a big problem.

Gold resources also found in Pakistan:
In Baluchistan there is a huge amount of Gold are present, thisr resources of Pakistan are real worth which also seduces foreign countries to its gold rich areas. Pakistan having enough amount of gold that it can collect more gold from America and China in its reserves but only will is needed.

World's Second (2nd) Largest Coal resources in Pakistan:

Recently rumored low sulfur coal at Baluchistan and close to Islamabad. Bituminous, sub-bituminous, and wood coal coal are found in Asian nation. Coal reserves ar calculable at a hundred seventy five billion tons. this could equate to 618 billion barrels of fossil fuel. compared to grease reserves his is quite doubly the number of the highest four countries. Current usage, the reserves would last quite two hundred years.Coal is additionally named as “black gold” within the world and that we have an over sized quantity of Coal Reserves in numerous areas and provinces of Asian nation. Main discoveries are Lakhra, Sonda, Thatta, Jherruck and Thar. These will add an excellent share to the progress of the economy of Asian nation. The coal may be reworked into Diesel, Gas additionally the} method also experimented by a noble individual of Pakistan, Dr Samar Mubarak mand. Coal Fields at Jehlum, Mach, Ziarat, Chamalang and Kingri are secondary level resources.

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