Scientists Discover More than 1000 New Marine Species

Over 1,000 New Marine Species Discovered By Scientists during latest survey
The researchers of World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS) have been identified 1,000 new species of fish since its survey started. WoRMS project was started in 2008, which is a marine database that aims to provide a reliable and comprehensive list of marine organisms' names. The organization is also working to bring the knowledge of marine life in its database.

In 2014, the WoRMS scientists also identified about 1,500 previously-unknown marine creatures in the world’s ocean alone, including a giant jellyfish and a humpbacked dolphin. More than 8,900 clams have been entered into WoRMS database, along with 1,800 sea stars, 816 squids till date as well as 122 new species of sharks and rays. 

Scientists working on the survey also exposed that although they have found new marine species, there are estimated that 500,000 and 2 million more multi-celled marine creatures were still unknown. The total known marine species in the world is now about 18,000.
According to World Register of Marine Species, we know about 228,450 different species of marine plants and animals.

The more than Two Hundred editors collaborating with the WoRMS project found that many named species entered over the past 250 years were duplicate identities. Just one species of sea snail, the Rough Periwinkle (Littorina saxatilis), has been entered 113 times with different names by scientists, who did not know that it had been catalogued by an Italian expert in Venice in 1792.

The Chair of the European Marine Board and Director of Flanders Marine Institute in Belgium estimates that only 11% of species in the world’s oceans have been identified and that “many species will almost certainly disappear due to changing maritime conditions – especially warming, pollution and acidification – before we have had a chance to meet.” The co-chair Jan Mees, Chair of the European Marine, said that promising sites to hunt for new species are deep regions of the oceans and tropical coral reefs. The Indian Ocean is relatively unexplored as compared to the Atlantic and Pacific. Experts believe that there are still 360 more years are needed to identify every creature exist in the oceans.

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