UN accepts Pakistan's demand to increase its sea limits

United Nations has accepted Pakistan’s demand to increase its sea-water limits which have now been extended from 200-350 nautical miles.
ISLAMABAD: United Nations has accepted Pakistan's demand to increase its sea limits. Maritime Commission completed its review on 19-March, after which they accepted the claim of Pakistan regarding rise in territorial waters. Sea area has been extended by 50,000 sq km, spokesperson of Pakistan Navy said. This increase has made Pakistan the first country in the region whose sea limits have been increased. According to spokesperson that acceptance of Pakistan's demand by the United Nations will also enhance country's resources.

Pakistan had filed claim for extension in its continental shelf from 200nm (nautical miles) to 350nm (nautical miles) to United Nations Commission on the Limit of Continental Shelf (UNCLOS) in the year of 2005.It was accepted by the United Nations after 4years and surveys worth Rs.500 million on the month of May-2009. The preparation of claim for extension was carried out mutually both by the ministry of science and technology (MoST) and the National Institute of Oceanography (NIO).

Delegation of Pakistan led by Permanent Ambassador to United Nation, Dr. Maleeha Lodhi presented its stance to exceed sea limits in United Nations on 10-March-2015. Following the detailed argument, UNCLOS approved Pakistan’s demand to extend its continental shelf by 150nm (nautical miles) into the sea on 19th of March, 2015. The additional room in continental Shelf will provide Pakistan full control on the marine resource lies under the sea territory.

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