Why is Polio Spreading & Uncontrolled in Pakistan

Polio Health workers is fighting against polio in Pakistan 
There are only three countries in which polio remains endemic, Pakistan is one of them. The others are Nigeria and Afghanistan. According to the recent  report of  The Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI), there are six sanctuaries for the polio virus in which four in Pakistan  in Quetta, districts of Qila Abdullah, Pishin and Karachi  while two in Nigeria. The virus invades the nervous system and causes irreversible paralysis in a matter of hours and leave victims crippled for his life. The reason of spreading the polio virus is to give it the ease, attempts to take the disease focus on preventative vaccinations, attempting to comprehend the total population to prevent the virus from getting root. The religious controversy is one of the biggest hurdle for Pakistan’s polio predicament in the way of vaccine. 

The Polio eradication efforts In Pakistan is constantly provoked by religious, cultural and political opposition having fallen victim to misinterpreted theological opposition. Because of it, it is labeled as “Jewish conspiracy”and declared that the vaccine is haram, as it claims to avert the will of God. Those who fight the effort have employed all the instruments at their disposal to block off the vaccination procedure. The Global Polio Eradication Initiative says that Pakistan’s polio program progressed strongly over its first 12 years; in 2005, it reported just 28 cases against 20,000 lawsuits per year in the early 1990s. “Pakistan appears increasingly well position to reach the end. The extremist groups suspicion was that the vaccines are for diseases such as poliomyelitis and measles, mumps and rubella by the Western conspiracy to sterilize Muslims. The vaccinators go door-to-door asking those inside if they have any children under the age of 5. 

If so, drops are administered. But some parents refuse. They frequently do so because of a concerted propaganda campaign by extremists. Before bin Laden's capture, extremist groups actively discouraged vaccinations. But after it, they began to seriously target inoculates. As a result, dozens have been killed and large sections of the country's northwestern tribal areas are declared entorely no-go areas for vaccination programs. Accounts allege that since 2011, hundreds of thousands of kids have gone unvaccinated there. Polio has since prepared a big comeback across Pakistan as a consequence. This year there have been more than 60 confirmed instances of the polio disease are reported, most stemming from the tribal areas as compared to the last year where the figure was eight. The position is so bad that earlier this month the World Health Organization announced the spread of polio to be an international public health emergency. The Organization has recommended travel restrictions for Pakistanis and says that they should provide an immunization certificate before arrival to other countries. Many states have taken these recommendations in regards to Pakistan. Even Pakistan is attempting to clamp down on travel within its own borders  requiring those travelling from the north-west of the rural area also carry proof that they have been vaccinated. The Pakistani government has cast a great effort into ending the disease. Today it’s now or never, the vaccinators go door-to-door to vaccinate children under the age of 5 with dozens of heavily armed policemen in the areas which are known to be a centre for the Taliban.

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