Predict the Weather without a Forecast or Gadgets

The weather is a part of our lives. We have no control on it, but it influence what we eat, what we do, what we wear and repeatedly where we live.  How did people predict the weather before when the Internet, television, radio were not invented…….?

Predicting the Weather with the help of Clouds

(1) - There are a number of clouds indicating different weather conditions. One is Nimbus clouds which can refer to any of the clouds which have taken on a dark color. It indicates high moisture levels within the cloud and rain to come. A cumulonimbus cloud is a cumulus cloud that is atypically dark and foreboding, and is related with thunderstorms. Cumulonimbus clouds rise like towers into the sky and occasionally take the shape resemble to an anvil, with the longer end of the anvil head typically pointing in the direction the storm is heading.
Predict and Forecast the Weather with a cup of Coffee

(2) - One way to predict the weather is a cup of coffee. You may be thinking this funny, but it is true, you can predict the weather by observing a cup of coffee in front of you. When you pour a cup of coffee look at which way the bubbles on the top go.  A good sign is when the bubbles speedily move to edge of the cup.  That gives the prediction high pressure and good weather for the next Twelve hours. When the bubbles settle in the center of the cup, you know the pressure is low and the weather condition is unsettled.  This demonstrates air pressure same as an anemometer or a barometer do.

Reading the Weather Using Rainbow

(3) - If the rainbow appears in the west, this is the result of the rising sun's morning rays from the east striking moisture in the west. The majority storm fronts in the Northern Hemisphere travel west to east, and a rainbow in the west means moisture, which can mean rain is on its way. Conversely, a rainbow in the east around sunset means that the rain is on its way out and you can look forward to sunny days. Keep in your mind “rainbow in the morning, need for a warning”.

Reading the Weather Using the Sun, Moon

(4) - If it is reddish or it is pale, and there is the dust is in the air. But if the moon is bright, sharply focused and clear, then it is probably because of low pressure has cleared out of the dust, which means the indication of rain. A ring around the Sun or Moon caused by light shining throughout cirrostratus clouds associated with warm fronts and moisture which can show that rain will probably fall within the coming 3 days. Keep in your mind “circle around the moon, snow or rain soon”.

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