1 – Everyone knows that Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun. It is not actually the hottest planet in the space. The temperature of the planet Mercury can rise to 425°C but during night time the planet’s temperature can decreases to a freezing temperature 180°C. Venus is the hottest planet. Its thick clouds trap the Sun’s heat causing Venus to be a sizzling 500°C all of the time.

2 – Duncan Waldron discovered an asteroid 5km across, in 1986, that is in an elliptic orbit around the Sun, with a period of revolution virtually identical to that of Earth. For this basis the planetoid and earth appear to be following each other. Because of its extraordinary connection with Earth, it is sometimes said as Earth’s 2nd moon.
3 – A year on Venus that is the length of time it takes to complete one whole orbit around the Sun is about 224.7 Earth days. It takes 243Earth days to rotate on its axis just once.
4 – One problem with working out the age of the Universe is that there are stars in our galaxy which are thought to be 14-18 billion years old. These stars have older than the estimated age of the Universe. So, either the stars must be younger, or the Universe older.
5 – This is amazing and is true that if 2 pieces of metal touch in space, they become permanently stuck together. 2 pieces of metal without any coating on them will form in to 1 piece in the vacuum of space. This method is called cold welding.
6 – Uranus was the 1st planet that discovered with the help of the use of telescope. William Herschel discovered that planet in 1781. He chose to name it Georgium Sidus, after his new patron, King George III (Mad King George).
7 – You become taller in the Space. Another change to the human body in micro-gravity is that spine straightens out, as gravity is not pushing to you at down side, you can be move upward to as 5centimeter taller in the Space Station.
8 – The Universe was once thought to be everything that might always exist, but current theories on the subject of inflation (e.g. Big Bang) propose our universe possibly just one of countless bubbles of space time.
9 – Every year the moon moves about 3.8centimeters further away from the Earth. This is caused by tidal effects. Consequently, the earth is slowing in revolution by about 0.002sec. per day per century.
10 – The center layers of space suits are blown up like a balloon to push in opposition to the astronaut’s body. Without this pressure, the astronaut’s body would boil.
Top 10 Interesting Space Facts and Information
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