Bad News Antarctica's Record High Temperature

You visit Balmy Antarctica for your spring break. This Antarctica is the most coldest and barren continent on the Earth. It has just set strange highest temperature on record. Weather sites report that the Antarctica likely hit a record breaking high temperature of 63.5 °F ( 17.5°C ) on March-24.
The World Meteorological Organization has informed that it is the highest temperature on record for the continent of Antarctica.
Granting to the British Antarctic Survey (BAS), temperature of continent has raised an average of about 5°F or 2.8°C in the last century, which results the melting of ice burgs along the coasts of Antarctica.
On March-24 it is recorded that is all the more impressive considering that it was set just 1 day after Antarctica had reached a recorded new high temperature of 63.3°F (17.4°C) on before day. Preceding to the recent two record setting days, the hottest day in the continent had ever gotten was 62.8°F / 17.1°C on 24-April-1961.

Other than the record is not yet official because the reading was recorded on the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula, which may not be considered area of the continent in weather record keeping. The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) is expected to check whether the area was definitely in Antarctica or whether it is technically positioned in Argentina.

According to the scientists, when it comes to the whole planet, the Earth remains on track to warm by an average of additional 2.8 degrees C (3.6 degrees F) by the end of the century. Even though precisely how much is expected to depend on countries' abilities to reduce discharges of heat-trapping greenhouse gases.

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