The Hub Dam and Monsoon 2003

A picture of the dam in February 2011
Since 1995 i.e. first time after 8 years the Hub Dam was filled in 2003 due to great Monsoon rains in most of its catchment region i.e. western Sind and eastern Baluchistan from 6th to the end of July 2003. Before the start of Monsoon rains the level of water in the dam was 278 feet. By 13th July, 2003 the level reached 292 ft and after a strong spell in the region (during 16-19 July) it has touched level of 313 ft around 20th of July. As more water was continue to coming in the dam, the local authorities or the Dam officials issued warning for people of the nearby areas to take precautions in case of the Dam overflowing.

It is written in my diary of 2003 (most probably from the official news or newspaper report) that ‘Capacity of dam is 339 ft and due to the most intense rain spell (from 23rd July to 28th July) the water level reached dam’s capacity’. On 29th July, 2003 it was reported that dam has completely filled, reached near 340 ft and the excess water has started to overflow through the Hub River (Hub Naddi).

Earlier in the history the Dam overflowed in 1984, 1989, 1992, 1994 and 1995 (as information also given in above link).

Last time Hub Dam filled to capacity was in 2007 however the most recent ‘good time’ for Hub Dam was in Monsoon 2011 when though it wasn’t full but very good amount water came in the dam especially due to a strong spell in September that took the water level up to 327 ft. (Some detail included in information given in the above 2nd link).
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