Why Animals Have Wrinkles over Skin?

Wrinkled Animals
You can easily be find the examples of wrinkles in various animal species that grow loose, excess skin, when they are young.  Wrinkles are a trait associated with juvenile animals, most of the elephants, usually “African Elephants” have wrinkles which help to keep cool themselves. Elephants have less sweat glands. They cannot use them for regulating the temperature of their body. Because of it, they disperse heat in other ways, wrinkles on the skin of an elephant traps moisture in the hollows, which means that it takes longer to evaporate the moisture in an elephant’s skin, this helps to keep the elephant cooler for longer time. Elephants are not only the creased creatures on the earth that benefit from wrinkles, the most famously dogs known as the name of furrowed are also have Chines sharpei wrinkles. In 2008, the researchers of the University at Autonoma de Barcelona, discovered a genetic mutation in the purebred that gives them their wrinkled appearance increased production of a naturally occurring compound called hyaluronic acid. Granting to the research of American Kennel Club, sharpei wrinkles are limited to the head, neck, and withers in adult dogs the breed is more wrinkly overall as puppies. The naked mole rat also has wrinkley skin. its saggy skin helps to make them to move around easier, and able them to burrow underground easily. Bruce Patterson, curator at the Field Museum in Chicago, said  that "All burrowing rodents have loose skin because they live in confined tunnels and need to turn around, virtually inside their skins.” The slack skin of  naked mole rats is more noticeable, which look like funny, because they are totally hairless. They do have sparse hairs that allow them to sense their surroundings it is a great ability in that type of rats. Patterson also said that “Blind and nearly cold blooded, the African rodents stay safely underground, where the sun's warmth penetrates the shallow parts of their tunnels.” Naked mole rats are known for another reason, they live long, its lives has totally free from cancer, whereas mice and rats do not live long and have high rates of cancer. In 2013, the study says in journal nature report, in which the chemical properties that make naked mole rat skin stretchy may also play a role in keeping them free from cancer. 

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