Four People Died in Severe Karachi Heatwave Again

Once again Karachi is faced 42.7 degree Celsius and  unfortunately four individuals died due dehydration and severe heatstroke.

The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) has guided the occupants to take safety oriented measures. 

Reports of moderate to heavy shower that started in Thar, Nagarparkar & Badin as per "PakWeather" latest updates & News.

As per "Pak Weather" analysis the upcoming low  from Bay of Bengal will cross Pakistan. A moderate downpour has likewise been estimated in Thar, Sukkur Division, Mirpur Khas, Nawabshah, Hyderabad and Larkana during next 48 hours, while isolated shower may also occur in Karachi if local development will happen with in 2 days. 

Chief Health Services Zafar Ejaz has said that the natives ought to take safety oriented measure amid these four days. 

Around 1200 individuals had passed on because of extreme heat strokes in June this year. 

How to Safe From Heat Stroke or Heat Wave?

There are a many simple things can do help us from dehydration due to Heat Wave:

  • Wear cotton damp clothes which will help decrease the temperature of human body.
  • sticking both hands one by one in cold or normal water
  • Take a bath at least twice in a single day which can help to down & maintain head and Body temperature.
  • Placing your pedestal fans very next to window as that will help to flow air from outside & make your room temperature very cool as compare to outdoor.
  • wearing looser clothes (Cotton is better).
  • Prefer white color clothes as well as white cap or "Topi".
  • Fanning your face rather than the other parts.

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