Tornado hits RaiWind (Lahore) One Killed and Many injured

Another Tornado:
After Peshawar where 35 individuals had passed on because of extreme tornado in April 2015 now another tornado has reported in RaiWind area, many homes, mosque and walls folded in RaiWind & it's adjoining area, there is heavy rain storm in Rai wind & Lahore since last 20 hours and showers created a lot of problems for the people of RaiWind & Lahore. Rain water flooded the streets and road in various parts of the city on Tuesday after a heavy downpour that lasted throughout the day. 

Heavy showers also occurred in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan, Gujranwala, Multan, Murree, Toba tek singh, Peshawar, Sawat, Skurdu, Kalam, Para channar including other cities & areas of Punjab, KPK & Gilgit Baltistan which turned the weather pleasant & cool, while Skurdu & hilly areas of Gilgit Baltistan receives first snowfall of the season.

Rainfall Recorded Figures:

  • 125 millimeter at Lahore International Airport
  • 92 at Dharam pura Road
  • 90 at Saddar area
  • 89 mm at Garhi Shahu
  • 74 at Lahore Cantonment Station,
  • 85 mm at Mall Road
As per analysis : Due to the moisture come from Arabian Sea has entered into Northern and Central parts of the country. Few more showers expected in central and in upper punjab, Gilgit Baltistan and few parts of KPK & Kashmir. while Sindh & Baluchistan will remain dry & sunny.

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