Pain Management Apps To Help Your Chronic Pain

According to the American Academy of Pain Medicine, more than 100 million Americans deal with some form of chronic pain. If you count yourself among the nearly 1/3 of the population experiencing persistent pain, then the first thing you can do is to track it. By tracking the pain, you get a sense for what may be causing it. This information can be used by a medical professional to help diagnose and heal your chronic pain. Thankfully, there are some great pain management apps currently on the market. 

But before we get into our top pick, you should be aware that a systematic review of over 220 pain management apps revealed that there is little involvement from healthcare professionals in the development of these types of apps. To be clear this doesn’t mean that they are useless but the information and feedback they provide should be discussed and used in conjunction with your doctor’s advice. But enough about the health warnings, let’s get into our review of the top pain management apps you can use to help manage chronic pain. 

1. Chronic Pain Tracker Lite

Chronic Pain Tracker Lite helps to take the guesswork out of managing your pain. With 19 unique health categories, you can create a report that your doctor can review. The information that you put in can be exported to a PDF for printing or e-mailing purposes. With a range of ways to track the pain you are experiencing, the Chronic Pain Tracker Lite gives you the tools to gain an understanding of your chronic pain. In doing so, you can help find ways to manage the pain. From the Chronic Pain Tracker Lite, you can get a range of additions that improve the functionality even more.

2. My Pain Diary: Chronic Pain And Symptom Tracker

Available through the Apple Store, My Pain Diary makes it easier to track your chronic pain symptoms and get a sense for what is bothering you. Very well reviewed by those who use it, you can get information on a range of different things including fibro, lupus, arthritis, back pain, anxiety, depression, and more. Take control of your chronic pain by gaining the knowledge you need to make more informed and accurate decisions.

3. WebMD Pain Coach

Want a pain management app that is tied to the WebMD database? The WebMD Pain Coach may be exactly what you are looking for. The WebMD Pain Coach is a functional tool that is available both on Android as well as iOS. With tips, treatments, and symptom trackers, your WebMD Pain Coach can help you manage your chronic pain both through tracking and helpful suggestions. 

4. FibroMapp

FibroMapp is listed as one of the best pain management apps. In particular, it is recommended as a top fibromyalgia app. Including an intuitive design that is popular among patients, the FibroMapp should be your top choice if you are dealing with fibromyalgia. 

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